#732,OPH RoadNew Extension, KadugodiBengaluru, Karnataka 560 066 Phone: 9008242426 Email: info@mkmlegalsolutions.com purchase reports or subscription to access information on corporate disputes before district courts, Supreme Courts and Supreme Court of India. No.7, Above HDFC Bank, HM pearl ComplexKumarapalli, Thubarahalli, WhitefieldBengaluru, Karnataka 560 066 Phone: 9008242426 Email: info@mkmlegalsolutions.com Under the 1973 Code of Criminal Procedure, maintenance extends to any person who is economically dependent on marriage. This includes spouses, dependent children and even poor parents. In deciding how much maintenance to pay, the courts take into account the husband`s earning potential, his ability to regenerate his assets (if, for example, the property is transferred to the wife) and his liabilities. If one of the spouses is unable to pay for the divorce, these costs are also borne by the spouse who has an income. Our lawyers thrive on incorporation rights. Talk to us and find out how we can help you. The Company Identification Number (CIN) of Mkm Legal Solutions Private Limited is U74999KA2017PTC101337 and the Business Number is 101337 under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). Need advice on your projects? Look no further.

Then you`ve come to the right place. Click here to view all available financial documents and regulatory filings of MKM LEGAL SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED Mkm Legal Solutions Private Limited was established 5 years ago 8 months ago, on March 14, 2017, with the Registrar of Companies RoC-Bangalore. Karnataka will not yet comply with a Supreme Court order to urgently release more water from the Cauvery River in neighbouring Tamil Nadu. The water dispute between the two states sparked unrest in Bengaluru this month. If husband and wife agree to peaceful separation, the courts will consider the divorce by mutual consent. According to section 13B of the Hindu Marriage Act 1955, section 28 of the Special Marriage Act, 1954 and section 10A of the Divorce Act, 1869, the couple must be able to live apart for at least one year prior to the divorce proceedings and prove that they were unable to live together. There are three aspects on which men and women must reach consensus. 1.

One of them is maintenance or maintenance issues 2. The second is custody of child 3. In the 1991 decision, a chamber presided over by the then Chief Justice, Rangnath Misra, stated that the UGC would immediately take appropriate steps to implement what we had said, which was to require universities to prescribe an environmental course. A married woman`s request for privacy after entering her marital home cannot be characterized as cruelty to the husband to grant him a divorce. was decided by the Delhi High Court. In the case of a contested divorce, there are certain reasons why the application can be made. It is not true that a husband or wife can simply file for divorce without giving reasons. The grounds for divorce are as follows, although some do not apply to all religions. a.Cruelty b.Adultery c.Desertion d.Conversion e.Mental disorders/ unhealthy mind f.Communicable diseases/ virulent and incurable leprosy g.Renunciation of the world h.Presumption of death When it comes to buying your property, it includes 1. Legal review of ownership documents, 2. Review/drafting of the purchase contract, 3.

Review of the bill of sale/draft. Therefore, we offer you a package for those who want to buy their property with us to ensure you receive a service tailored to your needs, as well as a payment plan that suits you. As an additional service, the customer can also choose the registration service [end-to-end until the saved document is handed over to the customer]. Commercial establishments continue to proliferate in the residential areas of Koramangala, despite a clear order from the Karnataka High Court of more than a year and a half prohibiting further commercial activity. No.7, 5th Floor, above HDFC Bank Thubarahalli, Varthur Main Road Bangalore Bangalore KA 560066 REVIEWING an affidavit of the Union of India on road accident deaths and insurance claims, the Supreme Court found that the number of insurance claims due on death is about half the number of deaths. In a decision [Narendra v. K. Meena] by Justices Anil Dave and Nageshwar Rao, the Supreme Court found that the separation of a Hindu husband from his parents constituted “cruelty.” .