8. Shopping at the museum`s gift shop is not an intended part of a school visit. If you want your students to shop, please allow extra time. Accompanying persons must always be present. 2. Don`t touch. Fingerprints and pen marks cause damage. Watch the video below to discover more reasons why we don`t touch artifacts in a museum. Help us protect our artifacts. NOTE: Some museums and programs may have additional rules. Please check with the museum staff when booking. 6.

Students must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Students – stay with your group. Teachers – before you arrive, divide your class into appropriate groups with an accompanying adult who is responsible for each group. Companions – keep track of the students in your group. Museum Good Manners and our virtual Code of Conduct are rules designed to ensure the safety of students and our artifacts and ensure a good experience for all visitors. Make sure your companions and students know them and are ready to follow them. 3. Don`t climb on museum artifacts. These include tractors, buildings and other large machinery. You could fall and hurt yourself or an artifact. 1.

Walk, don`t run. Running can harm you and other visitors. Walking can also damage museum artifacts. Take your time, there is a lot to see. 9. Respect the museum and the people around you. The museum reserves the right to ask groups or individuals who do not respect the customs of our museum to leave. 4.

Talk quietly about what you see. Listen to museum volunteers, teachers and companions. Speak softly. Shout or don`t shout. 7. Be on time. In case of late arrival, guided tours or screenings may be cancelled or even cancelled. If you know your group will be late, let the museum know as soon as possible. 5. No food, drink or chewing gum. Insects and mice love all kinds of crumbs and spills, so there is no food and drink in the museum, including water, chewing gum and candy.

The Western Development Museum wishes all participants in its virtual programs a safe and supportive learning experience. Our Virtual Code of Conduct contains expectations and guidelines for participation in virtual TDM programs.