The Office of Counsel provides timely and innovative advice and representation in the areas of procurement, environment, tort, admiralty, labour law and legislative development. This page contains documents and references that may be useful to individuals seeking information on the Corps of Engineers` legal aid programs, such as areas of activity within the District Attorney`s Office, the District Attorney`s Office directory, FOIA, the claims program, legal services publications and forms, and links to other government legal websites. This is an official website of the US government. The purpose of this site is to provide information of general interest to the public. The information contained herein is accurate at the time of publication. The responses contained in this document are general in nature and not factually specific. The answers to specific legal questions depend in part on the respective facts. If you have any questions that have not been answered on this site, please contact us directly. Requests should be directed to the FOIA office of the division, district, center, or laboratory of the Corps of Engineers that you believe has the documents you are looking for. Each of these FOIA offices processes requests for its own files.

If you send your request to the local office that has the desired documents, you will expedite the response to your request. A list of all FOIA offices can be found here: jurisdiction: Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee REGULAR MAIL: To send a FOIA request, send the request to the following address: The purpose of this information is to provide guidance on how The Guardian – Inside the Division: How a Small Team of U.S. Prosecutors Fight Decades of Shocking InjusticeClick here, to read the original U.S. article in the Guardian Southern […] Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, there may be delays in processing your FOIA application. In this emergency situation, we will process your request as soon as possible. It is always easier to process requests tailored to specific documents, so you should take this into account in your application. Feel free to refine any request you submit. We apologize for any delay and thank you for your understanding during these difficult times. From college football to law school, from private practice to public service with a career marked by personal conviction and professional compassion, District Attorney Jason Williams hails from New Orleans to the end. But first and foremost, he is a public servant – a particularly honorable man guided by an ethic of respect for others, justice for all, and leadership through all.

If you are requesting documents from the District of New Orleans, our FOIA contact information is as follows: EMAIL: To send a FOIA request by email, send it to: When viewing an ad, consider state advertising restrictions that attorneys and law firms must adhere to, as well as our disclaimer Legal Directory. Some lawyers publish comparative information about the services they offer, which may be subject to specific comparative disclosure restrictions. New Orleans has been a world leader in sentencing and incarceration for decades, with crime falling as a result. It is time for us to be as smart about crime as we have been in the past. The prosecution simultaneously increases security and ensures justice by focusing on serious crimes and the belief that every New Orleans deserves the presumption of innocence. This week, DA Williams sat down with MSNBC`s Andrea Mitchell to discuss my office`s decision not to investigate or prosecute charges against women or doctors who […] FAX REQUESTS: To fax a FOIA request, attach a fax cover page entitled “Attention: FOIA Coordinator”. The fax number is (504) 862-2827. As we enter another school year in New Orleans, the AD office is aware of the role schools can play not only in educating our children and […].