Use the Account Certificate Search to determine if a taxable business operating in Texas is in good shape with its tax reports and deductible payments. An account certificate may be required to complete real estate or financial transactions. You can print a certificate from this Web site. There are a number of database tools that cover a variety of topics available to taxpayers through the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts website. Search the lists below for tools to search for taxable businesses and tax policies, access purchase information, view Texas demographics, recover unclaimed property, verify local election information, and more. This resource provides our best count of upcoming bond choices and allows users to review local bond election results by date, county, entity, dollar amount, target, proposal number, and approved or rejected status, making it easier to review bond choices in specific regions or across the state. Use our online search to find the status page of a taxpayer`s deductible tax account. The controller is required by law to lose a company`s right to do business in Texas if the company has not filed a franchise tax return or paid a franchise tax required under Chapter 171. The law also requires the Monitor to give at least 45 days after notification of impending expiration before actual expiration. Any franchise tax loopholes must be corrected during this period to avoid losing the right to do business in Texas. If the Company`s privileges expire, the Company will be denied the right to sue or defend itself in a Texas court, and any director or officer will be liable for the Company`s debts. See Texas Tax Code 171.255.

The status of the franchise tax account printed via our online search is not acceptable for submissions to the Secretary of State (SOS). Some organizations are not required to apply for an exemption under Texas law, such as state, local, and federal entities. This includes independent school districts in Texas. As a result, these entities may not be found through this search, and it may not be possible to print an exemption confirmation letter for entities using this application. Find out if a business currently has an active direct payment authorization to pay sales and use taxes in Texas. SOSDirect is available 24/7. There is a $1.00 legal fee for each search, which supports the ongoing operation and improvements of SOSDirect. Headquarters: Enter the U.S.

address where company records are kept. Mailing address: The registered mailing address for this entity. The Centralized Master Bidder List is a master database used by Texas State purchasing companies to develop a mailing list that allows suppliers to receive bids based on products or services they can offer to the State of Texas. Manufacturers, suppliers and other suppliers who wish to supply materials, equipment, supplies and services to the Crown must register with the CMBL in order to receive tenders. Use this database to search for CMBL providers. Local institutions that have achieved excellent results in the areas of transparency indicated. Use this tool to search for the name of the entity and learn more about the recipients` efforts to increase fiscal responsibility at the local level. In addition, an exemption verification letter generated for a business from this search does not replace a completed exemption certificate required when applying for Texas tax exemption. This tool provides self-reported debt information for each political subdivision compliant with Local Government Code § 140.008, which is available by searching the name, entity type, city, and/or zip code of a political subdivision. This online permit application allows internal and external clients to search for a specific taxpayer to determine if they are authorized to conduct fuel tax activities.

The license search includes name, mailing address, license number, fuel type, license type, license status, and license start and end dates. By default, contracts are listed by the National Institute of Government Purchasing (NIGP) commodity codes used by the State of Texas [link to], but can be sorted by contract description, contract type, or expiration date. See the detail page for each Texas fixed-term contract for its terms and conditions, longer item descriptions, pricing, and details about the contractor awarded. The Certificate of Account Status, formerly known as the Certificates of Good Standing, provides the status of a company`s right to do business in Texas. The status of a franchise tax account may be required to complete real estate or financial transactions. The search results reflect the information contained in the auditor`s records at the time of the query. Taxpayer: The information listed is the taxpayer`s name, taxpayer number, and Secretary of State`s file number (SOS), or auditor`s file number in that company`s file. Own entity(ies): Enter information for each company (subsidiary), LLC, LP, PA or financial institution, if applicable, in which that company holds an interest of 10% or more.

If you need to add more, choose Add Another. Taxpayers can search by tax identification number, employer identification number (EIN), legal name, business name, city, and postal code to verify the status (active or inactive) of a sales and use tax permit. This search allows suppliers to determine the approval status of buyers before accepting a resale certificate. Search results are limited to a maximum of 200 taxpayers. The research is not intended to provide global lists of licensees in specific postal codes or cities. Identify and receive online confirmation of an organization`s exemption from Texas franchise tax, sales and use tax, or hotel occupancy tax. Provides total government revenues and percentages by category from the 1978 financial year onwards. Information on how and where these dollars are spent, with easy-to-use tools to track state and most local government spending The Secretary of State`s Online Web Access System (SOSDirect) provides subscribers with up-to-date online computer access to a variety of information. administered by the Office of the Secretary of State. State Sales and Use Tax by Industry and State Territory (represented by Metropolitan Area or (MSA)) is available with this tool. Non-Texas companies must register all officers and directors required by the laws of the state or country of incorporation or organization.

For more information about SOSDirect, please call or contact: Officers, directors, managers: Enter the name, title, expiration date and full address of each officer, director, member, general partner or manager of the corporation, LLC, limited partnership, professional association or financial institution at the time of filing the report. If you need to add additional officers, directors, and/or managers, select Add more. Look for state and local government quotes and procurement notices for goods over $25,000 and services over $100,000 published by state agencies and co-op members of local government. State law requires all entities that have a pending domain authorization to report information about their authority to the controller. In accordance with subchapter D of chapter 2206 of the Government Code, the Office of the Comptroller has published an online database containing this important information on the field. This database is constantly updated and contains the latest information provided by receiving agencies. One in four Texans have unclaimed property from forgotten bank accounts, uncashed checks, deposits and utility refunds. Check the Texas Unclaimed Property database to see if you`re one of them. The Office of the Comptroller communicates with taxpayers through the GovDelivery service. These informational messages are sent by the domain. The data-driven maps show how the state of Texas and its regions compare to other states on issues such as taxes, purchasing power, and education.

If the information is pre-filled, this information comes from the latest Public Information Report (PIR) processed by the Secretary of State. If the information is incorrect, please change it. We will provide this updated information to the Secretary of State. There was a problem loading data from this page. Please try to refresh the page. The section also provides information by telephone and e-mail and provides simple, certified copies upon request. Although the Section continues to accept documents by fax and mail, an increasing number of documents are received by electronic filing on SOSDirect. Using data from the Bond Review Board, this tool creates data on debt reported by state agencies and local governments. National limited liability companies must register all directors and, if the company is owned by members, list all members. All officers, if any, must be registered.

National group organizations may have a list with “All Branches” as the city, rather than a separate list for each local. Complete Form 05-359, Application for Account Status to Terminate the Existence of a Texas Taxable Business (PDF) to obtain a certificate to file with the Secretary of State. The certificate is available in paper or PDF format. Economic macroeconomic data is visualized to convey the current or future overall health of the government`s economy. If you have any questions about specific information that is not available on our website, or contact details for specific areas of the section, please contact us. Note: For reports due prior to 2016, limited partnerships (LPs) and professional associations (PAs) were required to submit the Owner Information Report. For-profit corporations and national professional corporations must register all officers, including the president and secretary, and all directors.