You must submit a final statement for the year your business closed. The type of return you submit and the related forms you need will depend on the type of business you have. A limited liability company (LLC) is a corporation organized under state law. An LLC can be classified for federal income tax purposes as a partnership, corporation or entity that is excluded as separate from its owner. The legal representative is the person responsible for: The change of legal representative follows the same steps as your initial order. Once the partners have approved the change, the following steps must be followed: You may also be interested in: A complete guide to business types to start a business in Chile and do you need a lawyer to change businesses? and How is the change of company done?. What can a legal representative do if there is no body that receives his resignation? The legal representative may submit his resignation to the Chamber of Commerce, explicitly and clearly stating the reasons why he led him to submit it to this body. What can a legal representative do if the company does not appoint and/or register anyone to replace him? The legal representative must submit his resignation in writing to the Chamber of Commerce. Next, check whether there is a legal regulation that governs the situation of the mandate, that he must remain in his capacity as representative after submitting his resignation. If the articles of association do not specify the above period, the outgoing representative must wait thirty days from the date of submission of the resignation until it is valid, so that the person who held the office can continue to exercise it during this period with the full responsibilities and rights at stake. If you`re rolling out a pension or benefits plan for your employees, see How to cancel a pension plan. If you offer health savings accounts or similar programs to your employees, see Publication 969, Health Savings Accounts and Other Tax-Efficient Health Insurance Plans.

Similarly, the judge recalled that if, according to constitutional jurisprudence, 30 days have elapsed since the resignation and the position has not been replaced, the one who resigns retains his attribute, but only for procedural, judicial or administrative purposes (read: notes on the place of the meeting) Affidavit of the final beneficiary in which each of the partners / shareholders who hold 20% or more of the share capital, shall be declared, with the signature of the representative and the signature and seal of the expert taking decision. In the event of a demonstration of the absence of a final beneficiary, documented evidence must be provided: a) that the Group Management has admitted all its shares to the public offer; or, b) the ownership of the shares shows such dispersion among the human persons, at the head of which the share capital is ultimately collected, that none of them reaches ownership of the minimum percentage provided for in Article 510 paragraph 6 RG IGJ 7/2015. Use Form 1096, Annual Summary and Transmission of U.S. Information Returns to send us paper copies of all Form 1099. Some taxpayers are required to file Form 1099 electronically. In analysing the case, the High Court concluded that, despite evidence of his abandonment of work due to the failure to appoint his replacement, he continued to be registered as a legal representative before the Chamber of Commerce and thus retained his status vis-à-vis third parties. The person occupying this situation must submit his resignation to the competent social institution; When the deadline has expired, the company does not register the replacement of the legal representative in the commercial register, it is necessary to send a notice to the Chamber of Commerce informing of the withdrawal. Does the mere resignation of the responsible representative relieve him of responsibility? No, the Constitutional Court ruled in judgment C-621-2003 that, until the registration of a new legal representative, the functions and responsibilities of the new legal representative remain at the head of the person registered as such in the commercial register.

This interpretation considers a future and uncertain state, coupled with the fact that this action does not depend on the will of the outgoing representative, which puts the legal representative who wishes to leave the position in a vulnerable situation, since he has no tools to execute his decision. You will also need to provide each of your employees with a Form W-2, Payroll and Income Tax Return, for the calendar year in which you last pay them. You must provide your employees with Form W-2 before the due date of your final Form 941 or 944. As a general rule, you must provide employees with copies B, C and 2. You file Form W-3, Filing Tax Returns, to submit copy A to the Social Security Administration. According to the Internal Revenue Service (SII), the requirements to be a legal representative are: Form of “registration of the appointment of a representative/waiver/revocation/termination of the representative”. To get it, enter the IGJ forms. Complete the data, print it, pay for it and present it with the rest of the documentation. Include Schedule C (Form 1040 or Form 1040-SR), Business Gains or Losses, with your personal income tax return for the year your business closed. The legal representative retains his/her position in the commercial register until his/her replacement, so he/she must fulfil the established responsibilities; However, if the replacement has not taken place within 30 days of the withdrawal, the legal and criminal liability ends.

In this case, the functions of the legal representative to the SII are as follows: regardless of the types of companies you can create in Chile and their main characteristics, all companies must assume legal responsibilities. Any company, foreign or private, wishing to start operations in Chile must have at least one legal representative registered with the Internal Revenue Service. Since when does the liability of the legal representative of a company begin? This obligation begins with the acceptance of the order, regardless of its enforceability before third parties, from the moment the order is registered in the commercial register of the company it represents. The Companies Supervisory Authority has published concept 220-019320, which contains a response to the procedure to be followed to obtain the status of shareholder and legal representative in a S.A.S. The Civil Division of the Supreme Court examined a complaint filed by the former deputy legal representative of a company, sanctioned for ignoring a decision protecting the fundamental rights of an employee of the company he represented. Conditions for submitting the procedure to the General Inspectorate of Justice. Several questions arise regarding the relinquishment of the functions of legal representative at the time of the removal from his post if, for reasons beyond his control, there is no body to which he can resign, or if the company does not register a new order after his submission. Affidavit of the politically exposed person, by each of the designated representatives, with a notarized signature or, failing that, with the signature and seal of the professional officer. A legal representative is a person who acts on behalf of another person and is legally recognized.

The person represented may be a natural or legal person. In the case of natural persons, the representative is a representative. In the second case, the legal representative may be the manager of a company, the manager of a residential building, etc. In the case of an SME, for example, the legal representative may be one or more partners or, if you prefer, a third party. In all cases, this figure is responsible for the presentation of decision-making. The time it takes you to keep your business records depends on what is recorded in each document. You can do this at any notary throughout Chile through a public deed or a private deed approved before a notary. In any case, the most important thing is to prove the identity of the representative with the passport or identity card.

The documents must be confirmed before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile, a fundamental step to prove the authenticity and legal validity of the document in Chile. The Employer Identification Number, or EIN, assigned to your business is the permanent federal tax identification number for that business.