Dadu added, “I want there to be a lot of offices across the country, a lot of people working under Act XYZ, and all these people who not only have a good work-life balance, but are also taking back control of their own lives and finding that there is another way to do things.” TransPennine Express immediately suspends 12 of 26 additional rail services under new timetable He said: “The world is changing. People change. Values change. It is becoming more and more acceptable to be different. Stay true to your values, don`t hide who you are. He said, “As a BAME person, you have to work twice, three times as hard as someone who doesn`t come from that background. “My family is businessmen anyway,” says the lawyer. “I have a vision to do things a certain way,” he said. “I just think if I went somewhere else, I wouldn`t be able to realize that vision.” Anis Dadu is Managing Partner of London-based law firm XYZ Law.

Anis specializes in real estate work and represents listed and private companies. He has advised numerous corporate transactions and advised clients on legal, structural and financial matters over nearly two decades of experience. “For me, when you network, there`s a certain culture where you don`t necessarily feel at home, but that`s always expected of you. It allows me to keep my own identity, I won`t stop others from doing so, but it certainly gives me more control in my life. Meet the accountant who transformed his 140-year-old business In recent reviews, Anis is praised for his “knowledge, drive and contacts” and described as a “development specialist involved in several of the UK`s largest urban regeneration projects, representing a range of regional and national developers”. A business lawyer hopes to offer lawyers the opportunity to provide services in a more flexible way by setting up his own law firm. The lawyer went to the Islamic Hajj pilgrimage three years ago, which “really puts things into perspective for him.” Before deciding to pursue a career in law, Mr. Dadu toyed with the idea of becoming a physician and even interned. Anis is known in the legal market for its commercial approach and promoting innovation in structures to unlock profitability and streamline developments and investment trading. As a strong leader, he has successfully built and motivated new teams and entered new markets.

“I started at Dewsbury Market when I was 14,” Dadu said. “We went to sell clothes in the markets.” “I saw this pandemic as an opportunity instead of seeing it as negative. If I were in a large company with more overhead, it would be much harder for people to opt out right now. In this way, I am responsible for my own destiny. » Support The Yorkshire Post and become a subscriber today. He said: “After 15 years in the legal profession, you have people you get to know and people you love to use. I knew I had people who would support me in the future, and those people kept their word and supported me. The company already has two employees and works with six consultants. It is intended to provide flexibility for lawyers. His father works in the taxi, while his uncles are in the rag business. “It was hard to get into the profession, and once you`re in the profession, sometimes you feel like you don`t fit in because you`re a little different. It may take a while for us to start doing things the way we did before, and it`s already clear that some habits have changed forever.

A romantic getaway without kids to our favorite restaurant has become a takeaway for the whole family during lockdown. It may not be romantic, but it could be the new normal, at least for now. M. Dadu advises anyone with a similar background to do it alone, just do it. Starting his own business also allows Mr. Dadu to align his work with his personal values. “Some of our income, income and time goes to charity,” says Dadu. Founding his own law firm seemed like a no-brainer for Anis Dadu.

In the past, it was possible to avoid or defer the payment of stamp duty (SDLT) on land purchases by keeping the transaction “contractual”, meaning that the contract for the sale of a property was exchanged and the purchase price was paid by the buyer to the seller, but the actual transfer of the legal interest in the property was not transferred to the buyer.